Clean Choice Cleaners

Dedicated to providing green cleaning services since our opening in 2008.



1) Cleaning 


  • Green Seal certified products 
  • Locally manufactured eco-friendly cleaners 
  • Powerful citrus degreaser
  • Detail oriented, conscientious staff 


2) Hepa filter vacuum cleaners


  • Improved air quality by reducing microscopic particle aerosolization when vacuuming
  • Removes dust and dust mites
  • Beneficial for allergy and asthma suffers


3) Microfiber cloths and mopping systems


  • Colour coded to eleminate cross contamination of surfaces
  • Postively charged to attract negatively charged dirt and grease 
  • Able to penetrate cracks and crevices better than cotton
  • Safe damp-mop system for all floor surfaces
  • Washable/reusable to reduce waste 


4) Steam Cleaning  


  • High heat disinfects and sanitizes 
  • Excellent for hard to reach cracks and crevices
  • Clean and revive grout on tile surfaces
  • Chemical free oven cleaning
  • Removes mold and mildew from window tracks


We combine Green Seal approved products and environmentally sound practices to provide clients and employees with a clean, healthy environment. 

We stay up to date with emerging technology and product certifications.